Sunday, 15 July 2007

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Christianshavn Rowing: Esther rowing

Esther rowing in Christianhavn canal

Christianshavn Rowing: Ducks getting out of our way

If you have seen the way that we were rowing then you would get out of our way as well!

Christianshavn Rowing: Mohsen rows into a wall

Mohsen rows us into a wall while we are overtaken by a little powered boat - hey that must be cheating!

Christianshavn Lunch: Canoes in the canal

Canoes in Christianhavns canal:

Christianshavn Lunch: Older boat

Here is an older boat that sailed passed while we were there:

Christianshavn Lunch: Sightseeing tourists sailing by

Esther and I had lunch in Christianshavn with our book study group.

Sightseeing tourists sailing by:

Christian Johansson on the Metro, Copenhagen

Christian Johansson from Odense Centrum Congregation came to visit us for a few days. One evening we went on a sight seeing trip in Copenhagen. Ask Christian what the best part was and he will answer: "The ride on the Metro!".

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Vig: the rain is coming!

Rain rain rain. We actually made it back to the car without getting too wet!

Vig: a walk to the beach.

Per and Joan are at a holiday home in VIG at the moment, they'll be there for the weekend. Friday evening Esther and I went to visit them. We were a bit early so we went for a walk at the beach.